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Deck Refinishing, Resurfacing, Resealing and Renewal

Deck refinishing means re-establishing the beautiful look of your valuable wood deck with use of proven restoration techniques. Wood decks take an incredible amount of abuse from sun, rain, dirt, and foot traffic because it is a horizontal surface. Over time the harsh effects of weather will naturally oxidize the surface of the wood giving it a gray color appearance. Sun and moisture can cause inferior deck coatings to fail prematurely. Our deck refinishing techniques can restore all wood decks back to new no matter how deteriorated it has become.

Our Process

Step One:

Surrounding vegetation that might be affected by the cleaning and preservation process is covered and/or pulled away from the surface being worked on to protect it from any damage.


Step Two:

Kevin Copley Painting the cleans the deck using the proper level of pressurized water and cleanser. Use of high pressure can cause damage to the wood surface. Using the proper pressure combined with the proper volume of water will minimize the risk of damage to the wood. It is recommended not to exceed 1500 PSI on the wood. By using a pressure washer which applies 6 gallons per minute, we avoid using excessive pressure on the wood, thus protecting the wood from gouging and scarring. As important as it is to use the proper pressure and volume of water, it is as equally important to use the proper cleanser for your deck. Application of the cleanser on the wood surface dissolves the old stains, dirt, mold and mildew.


Step Three:

After cleaning the deck, brightener is applied to enhance the color of the wood and return it to its natural state. Without the use of brightener, the deck will remain dull in color.


Step Four:

The wood is allowed to dry for approximately 24 to 48 hours, depending on the weather.


Step Five:

Once the deck has dried thoroughly, we will ensure nail heads are flush with the deck boards and sand the flat surfaces of the deck. Newer decks or those in better condition may not require sanding. Kevin Copley Painting uses commercial orbital sanders with the proper grade of sandpaper to smooth the flat surfaces of the deck. The grade of sandpaper used is dependent upon on the quality, age, and condition of the wood.


Step Six:

Kevin Copley Painting will apply stain or a clear wood finish to the deck boards, railings and verticals.


Step Seven:

We recommend allowing at least 48 hours frying time prior to using your deck.


Step Eight:

Take in the beauty of your newly refinished deck!



Natural soft wood decks should be cleaned and preserved every 24 months while hard wood decks should be maintained every 12-24 months on average depending on the amount of sunlight it receives, usage and exposure to the elements. Some decks can go longer, while others need to be maintained more often.


The moisture content of exterior soft woods should be within 17% to 19%. When exterior woods are not preserved they will absorb more moisture than recommended during the rainy season and retain less water than recommended during the dry season. When exterior woods are preserved, they will repel excess water during the rainy season and retain the proper amount moisture during the dry season for the active life of the preservative. Kevin Copley Painting uses the highest quality products on the market for preserving soft and hard woods.

Deck Maintenance Program

After we have completed the restoration of your wood deck it needs only periodic maintenance to keep it in pristine condition. We will formulate a maintenance schedule with you based on the weathering characteristics of the area you live in. There are many factors to consider when planning a deck maintenance cycle such as the decks’ amount of exposure to sun, salt air, moisture, and wood type. We will set periodic dates to check in with you to make sure your deck is fully protected. If you have noticed your deck may need attention, we will schedule a free onsite evaluation and let you know what our recommendations are. Our deck maintenances usually consist of gently cleaning the wood and reapplying the protective coating. Most deck maintenances can be done in just two days.



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